Agar Insures Plan B Regarding the Khartoum Refinery

Port Sudan – almohagig


The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander Malik Agar Air, received a briefing on the progress of work in the operational plan to repair the line transporting South Sudanese crude oil, the results of the visit of the delegation of the Republic of South Sudan to follow up on the resumption of pumping crude oil through Sudanese territory, and import controls for the provision of oil derivatives.

When he met in his office today with the Acting Minister of Energy and Oil, Mohiuddin Naeem Mohamed Saeed, he stressed the necessity of importing and providing petroleum derivatives without affecting the price of the dollar in the parallel market.

The meeting discussed the situation in the Khartoum refinery and the importance of preserving it as it is one of the vital and important facilities of the state, and the plan drawn up and the procedures required to evacuate workers and employees from the refinery.

The meeting touched on future plans and programs for the electricity sector and ways to develop and rehabilitate it after the war.

For his part, the Minister of Energy explained that he briefed the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council on the results of the visit of the South Sudan delegation and its follow-up on the progress of work in the line transporting crude oil.

Regarding the Khartoum Refinery, he stated that there is a technical committee that has begun activating the alternative plan (B) to pump the amount of oil present in the last 80 kilometers that was scheduled to be pumped into the Khartoum Refinery. It has been transferred to a pump from the Umm Ali area to the port of Port Sudan, indicating that the deputy The President of the Sovereignty Council made sure that it was brought to working order.

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