Lieutenant General Al-Atta: the Offensive Will Continue and We Will Not Go to Negotiations

Omdurman – almohagig


Transitional Sovereignty Council member, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Yasser Abdel Rahman Hassan Al-Atta, inspected the forces in the Wadi Sayidna region, accompanied by members of the Mobile Command and commanders of the forces in the region.

He visited the wounded and injured in the Battle of Dignity and stressed the insistence of the armed forces, other security agencies, the popular resistance, and the mobilized to resolve the rebellion once and for all, and that the army will categorically not be returning to negotiations unless the outcomes of the Jeddah Platform are adhered to.

He congratulated the forces that carried out the qualitative operation in Bahri, which destroyed a large part of the enemy’s hard power.

Stressing that this form of operations will be repeated in different forms, in different locations and at different times without disclosing their details, stressing that victory is near.

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