Major Relief Initiative to Support 600,000 Families in the Nile River

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The Minister of Culture, Information and Communications in the River Nile State, Professor Mustafa Mohamed Osman Al-Sharif, praised the great national contributions of the North Cement Factory in supporting shelters and supporting the state government’s efforts in mobilization and alert and convoys to support the armed forces.

This came during his meeting with a delegation from the North Cement Factory, which included Engineer Hatem Ahmed Suleiman and Engineer Sami Suleiman. The Minister appreciated the generous relief initiative launched by the factory, which aims to provide support to 600,000 needy families in the state.

The Minister stressed the state government’s firm support for all humanitarian initiatives that seek to alleviate the suffering of citizens and expatriates to the state in light of the current war conditions. Al-Sharif pointed out the keenness of the media in the state to highlight these honorable initiatives and shed light on the tangible efforts made by the North Cement Factory in supporting humanitarian operations and improving the living conditions of residents in the various localities of the state.

For his part, Eng. Hatem Ahmed Suleiman, representative of the North Cement Factory, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Minister for his continuous support for the factory’s programs and projects aimed at serving the community and improving the living conditions of citizens.

Eng. Suleiman also praised the efforts made by the state government, led by Governor Dr. Mohamed El-Badawi Abdel-Majid Abu Qurun, in supporting the private sector and encouraging initiatives aimed at sustainable development.

Eng. Suleiman revealed the completion of preparations to launch the major relief initiative provided by the North Cement Factory in cooperation with the Maraqi Organization for Human Development, which aims to provide humanitarian support to 600,000 families in various localities of River Nile State. Eng. Suleiman explained that the launch activities will be held tomorrow, Thursday, at exactly 1:30 pm in the factory buildings.

This humanitarian initiative embodies the social responsibility carried by the North Cement Factory and its sincere desire to alleviate the suffering of the displaced and expatriates to River Nile State as a result of the harsh humanitarian conditions they face.  The factory representatives stressed the continuation of their community initiatives to include all the needy people in the state without exception, which reflects their commitment to supporting the community and promoting the values of solidarity and humanity.

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