Minister of Minerals: The Rebel Militia Has Looted 1273 KGs of Gold from State Institutions

AlMohagig: Nazik Shammam

The Minister of Minerals, Mohamed Bashir Abu Namo, revealed that the rebel militia had looted 1273 kilos of gold, which was located in the gold refinery, which were the shares of official authorities.
The minister said in his first comprehensive dialogue conducted by Al-Mohagig and published entirely on the “Dialogues” page on the website, that on April 12, 2023, the gold stored in the Sudan Refinery for Gold was calculated in the Bank of Sudan (156) kg; the Ministry of Finance (106) kg, the balance of the portfolio (4) kilos, the filter balance (101) kg, and the balance of companies (906) kg, with a total (1273) kilos, as well as 15 tons of silver.

“There are (200) kg that are still in the machines and 265 kg under the analysis.” He added.

Abu Namo stressed that the Ministry and Sudan lost more than (35) companies in the waste sector, while about (130) franchise companies stopped in the exploration phase. Nineteen franchise companies have ceased production.
He explained that the ministry succeeded in returning about (5) franchise companies to production.
The minister pointed out that the ministry’s infrastructure was sabotaged, as the ministry building was completely burned, the building of the Geological Research Authority and the occupation of the headquarters of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, the Arab Mining Company, the Sudamin Company and the Sudan refinery, and the ministry’s vehicles and means were looted, which lost the ministry a great legacy of databases related to studies and exploratory research.

Abu Namo said that the production of gold in 2023 amounted to (23.2) tons, and during the year (12.9) tons were exported, and the participation of (45) companies and a name in gold exports, as the outcome of the year 2023 was (765,743,581,595) dollars.
He pointed out that the country obtained 40,060,971,427.22 pounds from April 15 to December 2023.

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