Police Services Resume in Old Omdurman

Omdurman – almohagig

The Director of Police in Omdurman, Brigadier Saleh Hassan Bakheet, confirmed the police’s readiness to perform their duties in all the safe areas that have been liberated in Omdurman.

Saleh said in a press statement today, Wednesday, that all the administrative and technical arrangements for the deployment of the police in the bases and frontlines have been completed and that they are currently working side by side with the armed forces.

He added that meetings were held with the Executive Director of the Omdurman municipality to follow up on the preparations and arrangements and enable the police to carry out their work in the departments within the municipality.

The Director of the Omdurman Police added that the next stage will witness the openness of the police on all axes, assuming their role and receiving citizens’ reports and complaints.

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