The Foreign Ministry Summoned an Official from a UN Organization

Port Sudan – almohagig


Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the presence of members of the Technical Committee for Humanitarian Aid, summoned Ms. Hala Khadr, the acting director of the World Health Organization office in Sudan, against the backdrop of a terrorist militia leader’s use of the organization’s official uniform.

The Ministry, recognizing the significance of the situation, called on the organization to not only clarify the circumstances of the incident but also to issue a resolute condemnation of the militia’s exploitation of the WHO logo to commit its crimes.

She explained that the organisation’s silence about the incident would raise doubts and fears about the organisation’s position on the militia’s violations and crimes.

The acting director of the organization’s office promised to announce a position on the militia’s exploitation of the organisation’s logo, after consulting with the organisation’s leadership in Geneva.

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